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Restaurants - An Ounce of Prevention Can Save You Thousands!

In the restaurant business, the basic goal is to serve as many people food as possible and turn a profit. Beyond that basic principal the list expands to make a customers experience a great one, food quality, service etc.

However, as all restaurant general managers and owners know, if key parts of their building are not working it will require closing until the problem is corrected. This means lost revenue and possibly a LOT of it should one be unlucky and an emergency occur on a busy weekend or during peak operating hours.

A kitchen drain stopped up because of grease or debris build up is an extremely common cause of emergency shut down. In the past businesses where calling Blauch Brothers on a regular basis to come out and unclog a drain so they could resume operation.

That is why we now offer a preventive maintenance schedule where we bring our Jetter out 3 times a year and jet their lines to keep them clean. Instead of dealing with an emergency, you can completely avoid it. All of the businesses who utilize this service now have NO down time due to a clogged drain.

Some of the city’s well-known establishments such as Chic-fi-la, Outback Steak House, Capital Ale and The Local Chop House are just a few now enjoying the benefits of this service.

Residential homeowners can also benefit from a one-time jetting service.  This service not only cleans lines, but it can also help to discover if roots are growing in the line, which may be the cause of frequent backups. If an issue is discovered with the line Blauch Brothers can provide a quote on line replacement or repair, possibly without even digging up the line using our “Trench-less” line replacement machine.

Our Trench-less equipment can replace sewer lines without digging up the yard, sidewalks or other structures. Our crew digs a small hole at each end of the line and the machine does the rest! Best of all this service is affordable and often saves money over continued service calls or traditional line replacement.

If you would like to know more about either Jetting services or Trench-less line replacement call our service department. Our plumbing supervisor Seth Chapman is an expert on both services and can help you determine if they’re right for you. Inquiries can be made via phone call, our website, or email.

Service Department Phone: 540-434-2589 Email: Online:

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