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Intelligent Design Models to Increase Project Efficiency, Reduce Project Schedule & Cost. 

Blauch Brothers utilizes the most up-to-date design technology. Our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process and Building Information Modeling (BIM), enables better designs and reduces time and cost of construction. Additionally, our team of in-house experts utilize AutoCAD, Revit and NavisWorks software tools to evaluate facilities models. 

Blauch Brothers is committed to continue Inspiring Innovation and Delivering Exceptional Value. 


Building Information Modeling

Using BIM, we take the process of generating and managing building data to the next level by ensuring the model works through preconstruction, construction, and provides value for future expansion and renovations. 

Evaluate construction before it happens 

As construction schedules shorten, BIM becomes crucial in coordinating trades and pre-fabrication assemblies to accommodate modern day construction timelines. Using BIM, we create a model that shows visualizations, logistics planning, constructability analysis, clash detection and more. These visualizations allow the project team to communicate design intent in a 3D Environment. 

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Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)


Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) helps Blauch Brothers deliver projects in an integrated and consistent way. 

We use the best technology available 

We've invested in the best equipment, from laser scanners of unmatched accuracy and dynamic range to Total Stations that heighten layout precision, quality, and speed on the job site. We strive to deliver exceptional value by growing the list of software environments to provide information in whatever platform you are most comfortable using. 

In-house Capabilities 

  • 3D high density scanning 

  • 3D visual tours 

  • BIM coordination 

  • Augment reality 

  • Prefabrication-ready models 

  • Reality capture

Benefits of Using BIM 

  • Cost saving due to error reduction

  • Enhance communication

  • Increase collaboration

  • Faster processes & shortened construction schedules

  • Quality control

  • Accurate As-builts 



With the tight deadlines of the modern project we rely heavily on coordinated drawings and prefabrication is a requirement 

Blauch Brothers owns a sheet metal prefabrication shop with a coil line and a piping/welding shop that allows us to complete the work in a controlled, environment, increasing the quality of the final product, and reducing the time required for work on-site. Our shops leverage the most advanced equipment and processes available 

Benefits of Prefabrication

  • Quality control systems 

  • Reduces work area congestions 

  • Accelerated schedules 

  • Schedule control

  • Higher quality 

  • Minimizes safety concerns 

  • Reduces costly shutdowns

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Blauch Brothers BIM & VDC



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