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Why rely on additional subcontractors when you can have all of your project needs met my Blauch Brothers, Inc.? We manage all aspects of your project, from pre-construction project development to installation and maintenance. Our in-house engineers are accredited to meet your LEED building, renovation, and operating goals.



Blauch Brothers provides our clients with customized mechanical engineering services. We have staff dedicated to the design of plumbing and mechanical systems. We can provide these services for virtually all industries and types of facilities, including healthcare, wellness, industrial, commercial, educational facilities, churches, technology centers, and more.

Our engineering and contracting services include the specialization of retrofitting existing buildings to suit new applications. We have a deep, historically informed understanding of how to maximize the efficiency and use of building spaces, equipment, and systems. The full spectrum of the construction industry is represented in our client base, which includes owners, developers, builders, and collaborations with designers and architects. We use our knowledge and experience to provide every client with a range of options to meet their budget, spatial, and infrastructure requirements. Our staff has the experience and expertise to observe individual needs and provide the solution to optimize their project, facility, or ongoing operation.


Blauch Brothers offers more than just design. We have the experience, skills, equipment, and personnel to complete turnkey construction services for any design solution we deliver to a client.

Climate Control Systems                      LEED Analysis and Certification

Value Engineering                                Plumbing Systems

Chiller and Cooling Towers                   Ductwork

Ventilation and Exhauust Systems       ASME Medical Gas Piping

Refrigerant Piping                                Sanitary, Waste, and Vent Piping

Sheet Metal Fabrication                       Water Heating Systems


We provide design services for virtually any type of industry or facility, including:

Commercial Office Buildings               Communication Facilities

Critical Facilities                                Television Stations

Healthcare Facilities                           Schools

Colleges and Universities                    Laboratories / Research Facilities

Long Term Care                                Retail Business

Restaurants                                      Government / Municipal

Fire/Resuce Stations                          Churches

Research / Development 



Blauch Brothers makes routine service calls for Linville Creek Church of Brethren, where I serve as stewardship of property chair. At Linville Creek COB, we have given Blauch an uncharted system to service and, over the past few years, together we have all figured out the complex system.  You stuck with the project and billed very fairly.  I am also a Supervisor for Houff Corporation where we asked Blauch to install a Boiler and Tepid Eyewash/Shower system in Clifton Forge, VA at our new hazmat trans-load facility. Blauch designed a first class system that we could all be proud of!  This location requires both steam for heating railcars as well as an eyewash and shower system to keep our crew safe from hazards. The install in Clifton is first class and came with not only a professional installation but ongoing service to match. 

With the install in Weyers Cave, I was required to get multiple quotes. Over the course of 4 months, I called 6 plumbing crews to quote the job. 2 of the companies never showed up and 3 companies showed up but, after 4 or 5 phone conversations back and forth, never ended up producing an actual quote.  With Blauch, I called Chris Shifflett and we had an in person meeting within a few days and a quote in less than a week! I was impressed that you got started so quickly and was even more impressed with your crew’s professionalism.  We work around a lot of hazardous chemicals and it is very important for me to have contracted crews on site that respect the environment that they are in.

The first morning, the full crew showed up on time and together we did a walk through. Your guys asked professional questions like where emergency meeting spots would be and where the appropriate evacuation route was located.  They asked where they could eat their lunch and what time suited us for them to start and stop each day. I could go on about the professionalism they have brought each and every day but the point is your company is unmatched in my opinion when it comes to the work you do. Thank you!


Evan Butterfield

Houff Corporation           


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