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The Service Department at Blauch Brothers strives to provide attentive customer service and professional workmanship for all your Commercial and Residential plumbing and Commercial heating and air conditioning repairs. We truly feel that no job is too small, and no question should go unasked. Our Service Department is backed by years of experience and a dedication to provide our customers with outstanding service and superior products.

Our Commercial HVAC technicians are here to solve your HVAC problems at competitive prices while maintaining on-time scheduling. We are equipped for any size job, and our experienced staff will work hard to provide the best solutions for your individual situation.

The Service Department at Blauch Brothers is here to serve your HVAC, plumbing, jetting, and pipe replacement needs!


"Always great services, even on short notice. They always make an effort to get to you."

   Robert Showalter

"Your service and workmen where excellent, you beat your estimate by almost $600!. Really exceeded my expectations."

   Scott Arbogast

"I have never been treated better!!! Thank you for the great service. The tech was so nice and took the time to explain things to me."

   Debbie Snyder

"Our serviceman was very good – inspected and fixed all our concerns, would like him to replace all our faucets when we decide to."

   Mike White

"I was out of town and really appreciated the prompt response to what was an urgent repair!"

   Dick Lantz

Evan Butterfield


Houff Corporation           



Linville Creek Church of Brethren

Stewardship of Property Chair


Rockbridge County contracts with Blauch Brothers for HVAC maintenance in our County Administration building.   When I arrived Monday morning, it was clear that we had an AC issue.  Our staff reset the chiller and it soon kicked off again. I called the service line and a very nice lady took my report and said that staff would be dispatched immediately and would call me when on site.  Approximately 1 hour later, Anthony called me from the parking lot.  He and Thomas began assessing the issue, which turned out to be a series of issues that, when added together, were creating the overarching problem. They determined the parts required and left to meet with a supplier to make sure that they had the right supplies upon their return the next morning. Keeping us in the loop, Anthony called that evening to let us know that they had the parts and would be back early to get started.  


When I arrived Tuesday at 8:10, they were already on site and working.   They worked through the day repiping a clogged line, cleaning contacts and doing some other technical work well above my pay grade.  At about 7:00 PM, they finished vacuuming the system and got it back up and working, letting me know before they left.  This morning, I had happy staff entering a cool building.


The point of my message to you is that, from the first contact to problem resolution, your staff were professional, responsive, knowledgeable, efficient and communicative. I am very appreciative. Thank you for employing good folks.  They reflect well on your company.

Spencer Suter

   Rockbridge County
   County Administrator

"Thank you so much for the great service. I will recommend you to anyone who needs work done . I will also be calling you periodically for service check ups. You've been a pleasure to work with. Please pass this along to your techs."

   Sharon Worsham

   Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Shenandoah

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