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Pipe Cleaning Sevices

Cast iron piping, if not properly maintained, can rust, corrode, and calcify. Calcification or scaling is a naturally occurring process but can lead to an array of issues with your system, the first signs of which are often consistent slow drainage and back ups.

Blauch Brothers will assess your system using a camera designed specifically to assess the state of your piping. If scaling is identified, we will descale your piping systems to ensure optimal water flow. This is accomplished by feeding a tube with a specialized chain attachment into the pipe. This chain is then spun rapidly, safely and effectively stripping your piping systems of accumulated buildup. For ideal maintenance and prevention of further buildup, see below for details on lining your pipes with a protective Picote epoxy coating. 

Concerned that your systems aren’t being properly maintained?
Are you experiencing consistent slow drainage or back ups?

Call Blauch Brothers today for an assessment!


Pipe Lining Sevices

To accompany our pipe cleaning service offering, we can improve the life of your systems by applying a Picote epoxy coating to the interior of your pipes. There are several benefits to application, all of which have long term cost benefit. 

The Picote epoxy coating acts as a protective layer inside of your existing piping system. This allows for a mitigation of scale buildup within the pipe, which translates to minimal to no piping blockage, minimized maintenance costs, and an extension of the life of your existing system.

The Picote resin meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61-5 for potable water pipes and is now WRC approved.

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