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Blue-Light Pipe Lining Services (CIPP) 

Blue-Light Pipe lining is a modern used method of repairing damaged drains/pipes that requires little to no excavation and you'll be able to use your sewer line within hours of our team showing up to install the liner. 

The pipe lining method will extend the life of your drains/pipes for 50 years WITHOUT digging up, trenching, or destroying your property.  


Pipe Cleaning Sevices

Maintaining cast iron pipes is crucial to prevent rust, corrosion, and calcification issues. If you're facing slow drainage or back ups, Blauch Brothers can assess your system using a specialized camera. If scaling is found, we'll efficiently descale your pipes, ensuring optimal water flow. Worried about ongoing maintenance? Explore our protective Picote epoxy coating to prevent further buildup. 

Experiencing drainage problems? Call us for an assessment today! (540)434-2589

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