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Inspiring Innovation and Delivering Exceptional Value 


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Unlock the power of reliable Plumbing and HVAC solutions for your business. Partner with Blauch Brothers, Inc. We are your family-owned and locally operated mechanical contractor that provides Full-Service mechanical. Maximize productivity and boost revenue with our trusted services. Let's keep your business thriving. 


At your service since 1954. 

Non Emergency Service Request

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Are you looking for a Full-Service Mechanical Contractor? 

Experience the Convenience of One-Stop Solutions for your Commercial or Industrial Plumbing and HVAC needs. From design and installation to retrofitting and more, we've got you covered. Trust our certified technicians to deliver exceptional service. Contact us now for 24/7 emergency assistance.


We're equipped to service a wide range of equipment

  • Ductwork, air distribution systems

  • Chillers and cooling towers

  • Air and water balancing 

  • Ventilation and exhaust systems

  • ASME medical gas piping

  • Refrigerant piping

  • Sanitary, waste, and vent piping

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Water heating systems

Preventative Maintenance Program




With over 130 years of combined technical experience, our highly skilled team excels in successfully troubleshooting and diagnosing even the most challenging problems. Furthermore, our proven track record demostrates our ability to maintain equipment and systems at your facilities, and keeping them in optimal operating conditions through our PM program. 

  • HVAC systems control panels maintenance

  • Operating and safety controls maintenance

  • System lubrication

  • Inspection of refrigeration system and purge system

  • Condenser and evaporator water side service

  • Performing system testing

We are fully committed to servicing your mechanical contracting needs and ensuring the mechanical systems at your facility remain functional. We understand the critical importance of equipment lifespan and potential cost associated with downtime. 

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