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We Will Keep Your Business Humming

Efficient plumbing, heating, and cooling systems are essential for any business. Inadequate or faulty systems can easily lead to decreased worker productivity and lost revenue. Blauch Brothers, Inc. has been a trusted commercial plumbing and HVAC contractor since 1954. Let us help keep your business humming.  


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Non Emergency Service Request

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Want A Do-It-All Mechanical Service Provider?

Wouldn’t it be nice to place one phone call and have all of your commercial or industrial plumbing and HVAC needs met? We design and install new equipment, retrofit existing systems, and more. You can be confident hiring us. Our technicians have factory certifications from all major system manufacturers. Call now for 24/7 emergency service.


There Isn't Much That We Can't Handle

  • Ductwork, air distribution systems

  • Chillers and cooling towers

  • Air and water balancing 

  • Ventilation and exhaust systems

  • ASME medical gas piping

  • Refrigerant piping

  • Sanitary, waste, and vent piping

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Water heating systems




Quality Assurance


Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

Blauch Brothers offers a comprehensive HVAC maintenance program that can be tailored to meet your specific equipment and budget needs.

  • HVAC systems control panels maintenance

  • Operating and safety controls maintenance

  • System lubrication

  • Inspection of refrigeration system and purge system

  • Condenser and evaporator water side service

  • Performing system testing

Upon completion of maintenance service, we provide you with a detailed written report and discuss findings, including recommendations. Our HVAC Service Supervisor can provide additional specificity for what is included in our PM agreement, based on the specific system. Call or email our service department for details.

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