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Lynn Veurink



Manager Assistant

I joined the Blauch Brothers team as a Project Manager in June, 2020. Prior to joining Blauch Brothers, I worked for 15 years in the hospitality industry where I coordinated large conferences & events in the field of higher education. I enjoy details, schedules, coordination & logistics. As such, I've since transitioned into the role of Project Management Assistant here at Blauch Brothers. This role allows me to utilize my specific skill set to assist our project managers in completing their projects in the most timely, efficient and effective means possible. The people at Blauch Brothers are top notch--from executive leadership all the way down to our most apprentice level team member.... you just can't find a better bunch of people. Blauch Brothers Inc. has created a company culture that truly embodies their mission of "Enriching lives". As employees, we can't help but want to strive to pay that forward to our customers, vendors, contractors, etc. 

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