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Purpose and Scope 


The pipe pre-fab shop foreman provides hands on leadership to the shop crew and improves field efficiency and quality by producing pre-fabricated material. The goal of this position is to reduce field install hours by pre-fabricating necessary material in a safe, efficient environment to meet the fast paced deadlines within our industry. The foreman will be responsible to schedule, monitor, and organize day to day work in the pipe pre-fabrication shop, as coordinated with field operations, VDC, and project management. The foreman is responsible to meet budget goals for each job, including minimizing waste and ensuring that all work is done accurately and in a timely manner.


Normal work schedule 

This will typically be a Monday through Friday role, working 40 to 42.5 hours a week, 8 to 8.5 hour days. The hours may vary as needed to meet project deadlines.



  • Fabricate piping and plumbing pre-fab assemblies correctly and accurately; lay out work according to spool drawings

  • Responsibilities to lead and clearly instruct shop crew(s) and ensure that their work is done correctly

  • Responsible to provide leadership to ensure that all equipment, shop operations, and personnel comply with safety regulations, provide training as required

  • Work collaboratively with all team members to implement solutions to problems

  • Utilize and instruct others in the safe and appropriate use of tools and equipment

  • Lead, train, and develop apprentices, providing instructions as required

  • Responsible for time entry for yourself and all additional personnel working in the shop

  • 3 day maximum turn around on all material submitted by field mechanics



  • Perform any and all other duties assigned/requested by field operations manager

  • Plan and organize jobs on a week to week basis to meet priorities, goals and material budgets


  • Participate in project forecasts, progress, and/or pre-construction meetings as requested


  • Review department OKR’s and quantified outcomes


  • Participate in annual review

  • Assist in the evaluation process of shop crew


  •  Interaction with BBI project managers and field foreman as if they are customers

  • Identify and implement cost effective procedures as appropriate

  • Participate in training opportunities (formal and informal) to stay up to date with relevant technology and techniques as well as to gain additional occupational knowledge

  • Responsible for preventative maintenance and repairs of shop equipment when needed

  • Supports and participates in the Unified Group, trade and peer groups, through attendance of training events, communication via email and responding to other members

  • Research and recommend procedures in the continuous improvement of the administratve support process

  • Maintain current knowledge of industry trends

  • Ability to work overtime, holidays, flexible hours, weekends and travel as necessary to accommodate our customer needs.

Organizational Relationship 

  • The pre-fab shop foreman reports to the field operations manager

  • The pre-fab shop foreman supervises assigned man power and can perform documented verbal counseling if needed

Competencies Required for the Role

   Managerial Competencies

  • Ability to time manage

  • Strive to engage in every activity in such a way that aligns with Blauch Brothers mission to “Enrich Lives”

   Operational Competencies

  • Ability to meet deadlines in a fast paced work environment

  • Ability to execute decisions

  • Ability to problem solve

  • In depth knowledge of pre-fabrication procedures, equipment, and safety guidelines

  • Aptitude in math and geometry

  • Ability to read drawings, plans, and blueprints

   People Competencies

  • Passionate - have the passion to enrich lives with what we do

  • Selfless - "we" before me

  • Ability to timely and accurately communicate across teams, with customers, and outside entities, with Blauch Brothers standards for professionalism and courtesy

  • Ability to communicate and report effectively 

  • Willingness to push back, holds people accountable in a tactful way

  • Positive relationship with management

  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills

  • Skilled listener

   Financial Competencies

  • Ability to understand and quantify the impact of shop time

  Technical Competencies

  • 4-6 years of technical experience in a skilled trade (plumbing, welding, pipe-fitting, etc.)

  • Evolving - Continuous growth and improvement

  • Must have high attention to detail

Physical Requirements   

Must be able to do moderate walking, standing, climbing, heavy lifting, carrying, bending, and reaching; routinely lift and carry parts and equipment anywhere from 15-75 pounds; possess manual dexterity to complete projects in a craftsman fashion. The following capabilities are required but not limited to:

Able to see for the purposes of reading instructions, blueprints and other printed material

Ability to operate computer hardware

Able to hear and understand speech at normal levels in person and/or on the telephone

Able to communicate verbally so that others will be able to clearly understand a normal conversation in person and/or on the telephone

Additional Requirements

Valid Virginia driver's license required along with an acceptable driving record, as defined by our insurer. Must have or pass an acceptabel criminal background check

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